Golden West Publishers too my $6000

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I wrote a book entitiled Treasure MAps of the Superstitions by Amy Mosier (my maiden name). My publisher an dI wrote a contract in Nov. 2005 for the books to be done in Feb 2006. It said I would get an ISBN number. They said they couldn't publish under Golden West but they could under their subsidiary The Book Studio. That meant I had to pay for it. I gave them $6000.

In Feb. the books still weren't done. I hadn't signed a galley. I asked them why it wasn't done. They couldn't really give me an answer. They said come back later and sign the galley. The ocver took them extra long to do even though it's simple. It felt like they were treating my book like a joke, or not even a real book. In March I finally got everything put together and signed off on the galley.

They said come back and get the books a month later. I came bakc and the books weren't there. They said the driver needed to make a delivery from the warhouse to the publihsing house. They wouldn't call him to make hime deliver. I didn't even get a sorry mostly blank stares. I came bac a week later like they said. They weren't there. I was getting worried. Finally I got my books in June only to learn none of them had the ISBN number I was promised. This number is so the bookstores can reorder and inventory the books in their store. Without it it's impossible to put it into Barnes and Noble, etc. I had to settle with ma and pa stores and Bookman's, whoch only pays $2 a copy. I din't say anything to the publisher becuase I already knew they had bad customer service and it would prbably be another six months before I would ssee corrected books. It's been two years. I only sold 200 out of the 600 and I want my money back or at least make a lot of *** for these people. I also filed complaint with the BBB and am waiting for a response.

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Any "publisher" asking for money is not a real publisher it is a scam and you're being conned. Real publishers don't charge authors and there are also FREE self publishing compnaies like kobo writng life that charge you nothing to be in the online book stores.


Because I'm not the one who posted it.


How did you manage to write and publish a book when you can't even spell simple words like "took" and "back"?

to Trinity Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa #840341

Because he paid a scam company which any *** can do. In fact any *** can "self publish" because there are no gate keepers.

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